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The memory of water
(2018 - )

Written for various instrumentation and live electronics 

The Memory of Water is an ongoing collaborative project between myself and violist/poet Martine Thomas.


Vol. I features solo viola, voice, custom instruments, found objects and live electronics. Inspired by the original texts written by Martine, this work explores the intersection between live composition, improvisation, and poetry. From a series of in-depth exploratory sessions during our time together at the Banff Center in 2018, Martine and I were able to discover a collection of sounds related to the narrative within her text which formed the basis of our sonic environment. In performance, through a combination of live composition and guided improvisation, we are able to deeply explore each sound and bring this environment off the page.  


The Memory of Water was partially premiered by Martine Thomas during the Ensemble Evolution ARCade at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity July 2019. This open workshop allowed us to begin creating this world, through a collection of sound artifacts from our initial exploratory sessions. In Vol. I, we'll be expanding on these initial ideas through continued development of text created by Martine and myself, expanded custom instrument design, pre-recorded and live electronics, viola performance, and an extended live composition and improvisation format. Vol. I will be premiered in Fall 2023. 

The following are excerpts from our open workshop in July 2018: 

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