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Columbia Composers 

March 16, 2024

World Premiere of The Memory of Water, Vol. II, where darkness swallows the sky

Martine Thomas and Thea Mesirow will give the world premiere of a movement from The Memory of Water, Vol. II, where darkness swallows the sky during the Columbia Composers concert on March 16, 2024. 


FUTUROS, New Ideas in Composition

November 16, 2023

NY Premiere of Transparent Balance at Lincoln Center

Walter Aparicio will give the NY premiere of my solo piano work, Transparent Balance,on Thursday, November 16, 2023 at 7:30pm in the David Rubenstein Atrium of Lincoln Center. The program will feature a selection of works by Latine composers, alongside performances by vocalist composer and conductor Raquel Acevedo Klein and composer-performer Pauchi Sasaki. 

Concert is FREE. Please click here for more details. 


Deutsche Bank Fellowship Concert

October 31, 2023

In the spaces between Portrait Concert: 

As part of her Deutsche Bank Fellowship in Music Composition at the American Academy in Berlin Camila will be featured in a Portrait Concert taking place on Tuesday, October 31, 2023 at 8:00pm at the KINDL - Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin, Germany.

The concert is FREE, registration is required. Please click here for more details.


The program features THREE world premieres of electroacoustic and electronic works: 

The Memory of Water, Vol. 1

performed by Martine Thomas and Camila Agosto 

Part of a new series of works that blend text, live composition, improvisation, electronics, and custom instruments. It was created in collaboration with violist and poet, Martine Thomas.



Electronic work exploring the intimate sonic spaces of human presence within live performance, featuring Justin Massey on saxophone and voice. 

Paracusia IV

performed by Justin Massey 

The fourth installment of a larger project for solo saxophone and live electronics, created in collaboration with Justin Massey. It involves solo saxophone and live surround-sound electronics, through speakers placed around the performance space that emit live, recorded, and processed sounds. The performer reacts to these auditory “hallucinations”— also known as Paracusia— as they struggle against a multitude of spiraling voices.

Aqueeressence Debut Recital

October 6, 2023

World premiere of  just enough to breathe  for solo flute

Flutist, Yoshi Weinberg performs the world premiere of my solo flute piece, just enough to breathe, during the Aqueeressence Debut Recital alongside pianist, Daniel Schreiner. Also featuring works by Brian Simalchik, Amy Williams, and Nina Shekhar.

Bar Harbor Music Festival

July 7, 2023

Featured composer in the New Composers Concert, "New Music for All"

U.S. premiere of Transparent Balance performed by Christina Spurling, piano

World Premiere of gather, new work for chamber ensemble

Link to event & to Purchase Tickets HERE

Bar Harbor Music Festival

July 6, 2023

Moderator for 27th Annual New Composers Forum 

Friday, July 6, 2023 | 5:30pm

Saint Saviour’s Episcopal Church
Admission Free – Voluntary Contribution

Bar Harbor, Maine

Camila Agosto will act as moderator of forum panel: 

"Collaboration, Co-Creation, and the Development of Musical Ideas"

Link to event details HERE

Thea Mesirow, Artist Diploma Recital

April 16, 2023

Cellist, Thea Mesirow, performs The thinness of, during her artist diploma recital.

Provincetown Playhouse

New York, NY 

Forward Music Project 3.0 Premieres

April 10, 2023

Amanda Gookin premieres The thinness of: 

Cellist Amanda Gookin’s Forward Music Project 3.0: fever dream is an act of collective reflection, healing, and awakening. Gookin will premiere new multimedia commissions for solo cello by composers Pamela Z, Jessie Montgomery, Sarah Hennies, Camila Agosto, Seong Ae Kim, and inti figgis-vizueta, and explore themes of mental and physical health through a sandbox of sound design, electronic instruments, vocalization and performance art.

Find out more here.

North American Saxophone Bienniel Conference 

March 30-31, 2023

Listen to me as one listens to the rain


Performance 1: Sarah Hetrick, saxophone, Rachel Woolf, flute, Paul Milette, percussion; Better

Together, Featured Opening Concert, North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial Conference, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS



Performance 2: Sarah Hetrick, saxophone, Rachel Woolf, flute, Paul Milette, percussion; Fury, Humor, and Poetry; Depicting Kahlo and Paz through Works for Saxophone, North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial Conference, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS

Paracusia III. Descry

Performance 3: Justin Massey, saxophone, North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial Conference, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS

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