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American Academy in Berlin Fellow Spotlight Feature: 



"Back inside the main auditorium, the International Contemporary Ensemble played the premieres of seven student composers who had participated in the L.A. Phil National Composers Intensive earlier in the week and who were given commissions. This was some of the most experimental music of not just the day but the season. No two pieces sounded remotely alike. The young composers tried out everything, from electronic craziness to evoking the brain righting itself in trauma. They held a listener’s attention with surprises and delights aplenty. Space is short, but the names of this class deserve mention: Rohan Chander, Camila Agosto, Nicholas Morrish, Kelley Sheehan, Salina Fisher, Nina Shekhar and Jessie Cox."

Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times

Full review here

"The sounds from all four clarinets blended seamlessly onstage, each one presenting the novel ideas and themes that Agosto wished to convey. Many of the sounds were so organic that it often appeared as if the players were improvising them. Throughout the 20-minute-long piece, the audience members waited with baited breath for each new sound and effect, the music dictating their inhales and exhales—as if it were the oxygen machine of Agosto’s piece."

Fonda Shen, Columbia Daily Spectator

Full review here

"...a highly inspiring and creative young artist whose music blends acoustic and multimedia elements."

Julien Benichou, Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra

"Composer Camila Agosto has been one of the nicest surprises to come to ICE in a long while."

International Contemporary Ensemble Blog


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