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The thinness of

(2019 - 2020)

for solo cello and tape
15 minutes

Inspired by Martine Thomas' text, The thinness of depicts our internal landscape of static, noise, hyper-controlled states, and inner dialogue that manipulates our shifting perspectives and sense of reality. It remarks on the idea that the lives of women in society are filtered through the expectations and perceptions of others, a layered complexity that is at the core of every interaction. We strive to be understood, to be able to communicate clearly with one another, but often need to filter our thoughts and intentions in order to be considered easily digestible. Constantly told how we should act, speak, and think, we are left with conflicting ideas of our reality and the spaces we occupy in the world.

by Martine Thomas
light through distance. now focus in, up close. nothing but light, overcome, overpowering, overwhelming, thermonuclear fusion happening right now in the plasmic spheroid, coming through clear from how far.

the dark whittles down to clarity. what holds together. what is inner. what is real, what distorts the message, what do you concede, & what will not translate? shed it. forget the loss, keep clear & ask to be understood. against the star-thin edge between you & darkness & how can meaning come through. through the body of the darkness above. through the body at hand, the body at a glance, the body submerged within cloud or water or space, membranes , equilibrium, & what can be exchanged between or across tell me what can come through? 

fusion, luminous, coming clear from thousands of miles. through distance the thinness. the plasmic spheroid. from unknown miles, unknown distance. dark whittling down to clarity. whittling down to the interior. it will not translate

provided with permission from the author, Martine Thomas (


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