6 violas or subset and tape (2015)

As a violist, I was intrigued with the idea of creating a work that celebrated the musical capabilities of the viola. Luckily, at the time this piece was written and performed, I had six other violists in my studio and so it became a viola choir piece. Tangent initially began as a meditation on my compositional process. I often let thoughts drift off and in that space I am able to find sounds, textures, and melodies that pull my focus. Ideally this work would be performed by 6 live violas. However, there are several alternate instrumentations available for a subset of this ensemble to perform with accompanying tape.

After the initial premiere of this work, I was able to collaborate with graphic design artist, Ramzi Husein, on creating projected media to accompany the music (seen in above picture). This collaboration sparked my growing interest in creating projects that combine my work with multi-media.  

This work was premiered by Violists Jonathan Echevarria, Ivan Mendoza, Johnathan Batchelder, Kayli Roderick, and Camila Agosto at Montclair State University (December 2015).

Performed by Anna Heflin, Nelson Moneo, Martine Thomas, Lauren Siess, Kyle Armbrust, and Giancarlo Latta at the Canadian Premiere in Banff, Alberta July 2017. 

Performed by Kayli Roderick, Darryl Manley and Camila Agosto with Recorded tape by Johnathan Batchelder and Ivan Menodza. Multi-media by Ramzi Husein. Saturday April 22, 2017

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