Paracusia II.tethers (2018)

Performed by Justin Massey

*World Premiere in Banff, Alberta (June 2018). 

Tangent (2015)

Performed by Anna Heflin, Nelson Moneo, Martine Thomas, Lauren Siess, Kyle Armbrust, and Giancarlo Latta 

*Canadian Premiere in Banff, Alberta (July 2017). 

...As she walked into the room (2016)

Read by the Montclair State Symphony Orchestra (May 2016)

Rift (2017)

Performed by Joshua Rubin and Vasko Dukovski

*World Premiere at Miller Theatre, NYC (October 2017). 

Blemish (2016)

Performed by Freya Creech, Nelson Moneo, Lauren Siess, Maureen Kelly

*Canadian Premiere in Banff, Alberta, (July 2017)

For Bb Clarinet and Electronics (2015)

Performed by Eric Umble

*World Premiere at the Firehouse Space in Brooklyn, NY, (November 2016)

Low Tide (2015)

Read by the Montclair State Wind Symphony (May 2015)


Tybontoan (2019)

Premiered by International Contemporary Ensemble on June 1, 2019 at the Walt Disney Recital Hall during the Los Angeles Philharmonic Noon to Midnight Festival.

Listen to me as one listens to the rain (2016)

Performed by Alice Teyssier, flute,  Ryan Muncy, saxophone, and Ross Karre, percussion, at Abrons Art Center.

(U.S. Premiere, November 2016). 

Paracusia (2018)

Performed by Justin Massey, saxophone, at West Virginia University (World Premiere, April 2018).

Tangent (2015)

Performed by Kayli Roderick, Darryl Manley and Camila Agosto with Recorded tape by Johnathan Batchelder and Ivan Menodza with Multi-media by Ramzi Husein (Saturday April 22, 2017).

C.V. (2017)

Performed by members of M.I.E., Jeffrey Klein, Zachary Merkovsky, Steven Ridge, Kevin Brown, and Camila Agosto

*World Premiere at Montclair State University (April 22, 2017).

Threadbare (2015)

Performed by Katelyn Isaacson, soprano, Bram Margoles, violin, Samuel Kelder, viola, and Richard Valitutto, piano

*World Premiere in Middlebury, Vermont (June 2015)

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