duo for flute, cello, and projected media (2017)

imprint is a reflection on human fragility, vulnerability, and raw emotional experiences. It focuses specifically on how we perceive those who do not fit the ideal image that our societal standards have created in this late capitalist environment. The two musicians represent two characters who shed their self-imposed, easy-to-digest packaging, in order to expose their true natures to one another, while exploring the idea that all of our experiences are in some way imprinted on our skin in the way we lead our lives, and in our interactions with others.


Throughout the work, the two characters explore extremely fragile and unpredictable sounds that expose the intricate natures of their instruments, while revealing the negative impacts of their experiences on their emotional, psychological, and physical states. Within the work there are elements of subtle theatricality in both the recitation of text by the performers and their physical gestures throughout the piece. The texts explore themes of the precarious and vulnerable nature of relationships that play into our everyday lives and how they impact our psychological welfare. This staging is intentionally designed as a commentary on the way in which people interact in society. Two people, looking at one another, interacting over a brief period of time, without truly seeing the other person.


This work was premiered by Berrow Duo on May 17, 2018 at EMP Collective in Baltimore, MD, alongside video projection designed by Bryan Funk and art installations created by Robin Marquis.

Excerpts of each movement taken from the World Premiere performance by Berrow Duo on May 17, 2018, captured by Gabe Dinsmoor.

dream team imprint
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