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For flute, Bb cln, vln, cello, vibraphone, piano á 3 ped.

7 minutes



For 4 performers, found objects, and tape

15-30 minutes

C.V. explores the emotional and psychological relationship between a being and their psyche at the end stage of their life through navigating the themes of the Id, Ego, and Superego. Each performer represents a different character that explores this relationship through their improvisations and interactions with one another. Over the course of the piece, each character packs away their found objects into a black box, much like one would pack away the contents of a person’s life after they pass. These objects represent a summary of this person’s life; the stages and milestones they went through and the experiences that left a great impact on their life and others.


As a performer of a new music ensemble that focuses on improvisation, I sought to create landmarks for performers to exist within as they explore the sonic possibilities of their objects, and their interactions with one another, the pre-recorded tape, and projected media that ultimately guides their progression through the piece.


This work was premiered by members of M.I.E., Jeffrey Klein, Zachary Merkovsky, Steven Ridge, Kevin Brown, and Camila Agosto at Montclair State University (April 22, 2017).

listen to me as one listens to the rain


For fl, soprano sax, and amplified percussion

12 minutes

Influenced by a poem written by Mexican poet, Octavio Paz, Listen to me as one listens to the rain depicts the internal conflict of a person as they gradually lose their ability to communicate their thoughts and interact with the world around them.


The percussive instrument used in this piece is something I call a “soft-board”. It is constructed from various materials including bubble wrap, metallic wrappers, and different textured papers attached to a flat board to create sounds that fit within the overall texture. Through the combination of sounds emanating from these three instruments, the performers are able to create an atmosphere that demonstrates the quiet, tentative nature of human fragility and the role that communication plays in our lives.


Listen to me as one listens to the rain was premiered by participants of the Cortona Sessions for New Music, Brian Allred, flute, Robert Hess, saxophone, Alex Alfaro, percussion (July 6, 2016).






Performed by Alice Teyssier, flute,  Ryan Muncy, saxophone, and Ross Karre, percussion, at Abrons Art Center. (U.S. Premiere, November 2016). 



For string quartet

12 minutes

Blemish began as reflection on the raw emotional response we as humans feel when experiencing moments of guilt, anger, fear, and sorrow. Over the past few years, I have become increasingly interested in creating works that incorporate music, text, and subtle theatricality to evoke the verbal and non-verbal thoughts and intentions behind the challenges often faced in communicating with one another. By combining poetry and other forms of written text within my work with physical gestures and staging, I have begun to create pieces that pull the audience and musicians into another world for a brief time.


Throughout this work, the performers combine chosen text with subtle physical gestures to reveal their growing emotional state, welcoming the audience into their own journey as they progress through the piece. This is further reflected in the set-up of the performers. By being lined up in a row, facing the audience at the same level, the performers are able to become wholly vulnerable in their individual experiences during the course of the piece.


This work was premiered by the Semiosis Quartet during the Cortona Sessions for New Music (July 7, 2016).

Performed by Freya Creech, Nelson Moneo, Lauren Siess, Maureen Kelly

*Canadian Premiere Banff, Alberta, July 2017.

Ensemble Evolution, Canadian Premiere of Blemish.jpg




For six violas or viola subset and electronics 

6 minutes

As a violist, I was intrigued with the idea of creating a work that celebrated the musical capabilities of the viola. Luckily, at the time this piece was written and performed, I had six other violists in my studio and so it became a viola choir piece. Tangent initially began as a meditation on my compositional process. I often let thoughts drift off and in that space I am able to find sounds, textures, and melodies that pull my focus. Ideally this work would be performed by 6 live violas. However, there are several alternate instrumentations available for a subset of this ensemble to perform with accompanying tape.

After the initial premiere of this work, I was able to collaborate with graphic design artist, Ramzi Husein, on creating projected media to accompany the music (seen in above picture). This collaboration sparked my growing interest in creating projects that combine my work with multi-media.  

This work was premiered by Violists Jonathan Echevarria, Ivan Mendoza, Johnathan Batchelder, Kayli Roderick, and Camila Agosto at Montclair State University (December 2015).

Performed by Anna Heflin, Nelson Moneo, Martine Thomas, Lauren Siess, Kyle Armbrust, and Giancarlo Latta at the Canadian Premiere in Banff, Alberta July 2017.



For soprano and alto saxophone, dancer, and tape

7 minutes

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