4 performers, found objects and tape (2017)

C.V. explores the emotional and psychological relationship between a being and their psyche at the end stage of their life through navigating the themes of the Id, Ego, and Superego. Each performer represents a different character that explores this relationship through their improvisations and interactions with one another. Over the course of the piece, each character packs away their found objects into a black box, much like one would pack away the contents of a person’s life after they pass. These objects represent a summary of this person’s life; the stages and milestones they went through and the experiences that left a great impact on their life and others.


As a performer of a new music ensemble that focuses on improvisation, I sought to create landmarks for performers to exist within as they explore the sonic possibilities of their objects, and their interactions with one another, the pre-recorded tape, and projected media that ultimately guides their progression through the piece.


This work was premiered by members of M.I.E., Jeffrey Klein, Zachary Merkovsky, Steven Ridge, Kevin Brown, and Camila Agosto at Montclair State University (April 22, 2017).

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